26 December 2012

MEETERS Fall 2012

MEETERS stands for MITERS End of Every Term Electronics Research Showcase, and it is a Research Showcase that happens at MITERS at the End of Every Term! :p

See, at the End of Every Term people are finishing up semester work and studying for finals. Like me, who probably drank more Mountain Dew in a month than anyone should in a year. People are sick of it, people need a break. Especially MITERS people, who after doing so much schoolwork their personal projects get drowned in their minds wonder to themselves "WTF did I do this semester at MITERS?!?"

Which is why we have MEETERS, so we can show off the things we did do this semester at MITERS. Because odds are, we did a lot. Even though we don't think we did. My progress with MelonChopper seems so much more Legit when Charles Guan and a few others want to be pushed around on it!

See how freakin' HAPPY he is?! I can't wait to get a motor on this thing..

I didn't take nearly as many photos as I wanted, but here is Ben Katz, a 2016, whose blog you should read RIGHT NOW because he has some kickass writeups, showing off his NyanHat! 
It's a hat that plays the Nyancat song and has a Nyancat with blinkity lights spinning around it. He wore it to a Halloween party this year. And it's adorable. 

And there's a video! 

Here you can see Shane's massive Dual-Resonant Solid State Tesla Coil, Dane's giant water-cooled 3-phase motor controller and driver (Which I think can easily drive a Tesla Roadster motor...), a quadrotor (Not sure if it's Nick Kirkby's or Banks Hunter's...) And other things. 
Cool stuff, yo. Here's to another project-filled New Year =]

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