05 April 2016

2.77 PUPdate

This pretty much sums it... I have a lot of specific things from past PUPSes to finish before I feel I am actually "done" with them, but the nature of designing this means I'll be touching on these things in an order that makes sense for moving forward. It all needs to be done, but certain decisions make sense to nail down before others. 


  1. "Pupdate"--i really like this--and fine to aglomerate

    lookin forward to the build and test!

  2. Replies
    1. I have posted two pupdates that include work from pups 8 and a lot of more detailed design and parts selection, and I've placed a big order with all the MCM (axes and clamps) components that should arrive by tomorrow.

      First pupdate:
      Second pupdate:

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