13 February 2016

2.77 PUPS #2: Planar Constraint

PUPS #2: Planar Constraint

Peer reviewed with Kate's comments:

MATLAB Script output. The slope changes as a function of the constraint location. 

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  1. This is really different. I like how it can easily switch between exact and inexact constraint scenarios - the slider is creative. Although I see you only considered horizontal user forces, but have you explored other stability conditions that might come up when the preload is at an angle? What about other geometries of the block (ex. triangles)? It would be interesting to see what kind of changes you'd have to make for a non-rectangular block (or one with different base/height).

    Clear derivation of forces and how to overcome gravity with preload.

    The laser cut assembly looks nice. The handle for the user's left hand is a great feature, and not necessarily one I would have thought of until after testing a prototype and figuring out how annoying it would be to hold otherwise.

    Overall, this is pretty excellent. The slider is great and also cuts down on the number of small parts to potentially lose (like my removable pegs...). I'd also be interested in taking a look at your MATLAB script.