31 October 2012

Halloween! AS TONY STARK


I will be Tony Stark for Halloween. Should I be in a sleeveless tee? How will I get my goatee as awesome as his? Should I wear a classy-ass suit? Regardless of the above design decisions (lol), I need an Arc Reactor. An hour of CAD and reading this Instructable, I was ready to lasercut using my I-Have-Friends-With-Lasercutter-Access skills. 

I lasercut the things!
 Assembly involved placing my white LEDs (that I purchased for dirt cheap off Amazon) and using this incredible precision time-based heat-controlled adhesive called Hot Glue. 

When in doubt, HOT GLUE
 3 volts makes it shiny. 6 volts makes them twice as shiny, so I decided to stack two 3-volt coin-sized cells.

 I now wanted to put something else Tony Stark-y on me before I attended Halloweekend festivities. Being an MIT alumnus, Tony Stark probably has his fair share of graphic tee shirts. He also owns Stark Industries, so he probably owns a Stark Industries graphic tee! I had a sleeveless shirt with me, which everyone can attribute to Tony Stark working at MITERS in his basement shop. and knowledge of custom PCB fabrication so...

Iron, man. 
The result was me printing out the Stark Industries logo backwards and attempting a toner transfer. 

Iron Man!
Success!-ish. I peeled off the paper and this is what was left, which is totally legit for dressing up as "I've-Been-In-A-Cave-For-A-Few-Months" Tony Stark For better results I would have left the heat on for much longer, and I would have used water to dissolve the paper rather than peeling it (and the toner) off the shirt. Thing is, that would've taken time to let dry. 

My girlfriend decided to dress up as the TARDIS for Halloween, so she made herself a (flipping awesome) dress! I helped her make her LED-lit hat, which is supposed to be the light at the top of the TARDIS. We attempted to replicate this TARDIS hat we found on a blog, but due to time constraints, we ended up making something a little simpler. 

"Is that a Leatherman Wave in your pocket, or.. Oh, it is! Okay then..."

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