10 March 2012

Enter Crüscooter

So for the 2.007 (MIT Design and Manufacturing I) Electric Vehicle Special Section I am building an electric scooter, because I live kind of far away and my current scooter just isn't fast enough.

Her name is Crüscooter, because it has Crüse Control 4 Cool. Basically, it can be operated by only kicking and braking like a regular Razor Scooter, and will maintain the speed you bring it to with a cruise control system. It will have an accelerator as well for overriding the velocity as well as riding it like a regular Electric Scooter.

Here's some initial Solidworks screenies:

A few weeks into the class already, I've gotten the basic dimensions down and decided to go with two batteries instead of three for 26.4V and a gear ratio of 72/14 (~5.14).

Here's a side view of the power train from the top.

Brake mechanism from the port side.

More detailed specs, finished solid model, and assembly pictures to come!