14 February 2012

"In our time here at this school..."

"...we will Hack and Punt and Tool!"

tl;dr: I've decided to begin blogging about my various projects.

Enter DGonz.
I am Daniel Jesus Gonzalez, a sophomore in the MIT Class of 2014. I'm majoring in world domination via robotic minions 2A-6 (Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Controls, Instrumentation, and Robotics). I like to build things. I like dubstep and death metal and post-hardcore. I like musical theater (I want to be Hardk0re). I ordered my Brass Rat yesterday.

And ultimately I want to document my various engineering projects on this site to be able to look back and remember what I've learned, and don't really expect anyone to actually read this. I want to document my 2.007 (Design and Manufacturing I) C^2 Scooter project. And my BiCopter project. And other cool stuff I'll eventually build.

Cool. On to the next one.